Located in Morningside Heights, Columbia University is one of the most prestigious educational and research institutions in the New York area and in the whole of the US. 

Columbia alumni have made their invaluable contribution to the development of various scientific fields. The fact that Columbia’s Physics Department is and was connected to the 33 Nobel Prize winners speaks for itself.

Besides being an educational place, Columbia is one of the country’s most celebrated research centers. 

Alongside physics and other sciences, Columbia is also nurturing entrepreneurial spirit among its students. The Columbia University Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, also known as CORE, is organizing many conferences and events where people from the world of startups are sharing their experiences and knowledge.

The student body, which numbers around 30,000 per year, can pursue their interests with over 500 different clubs and organizations, can choose to study any language among 50 offered choices and can join sports clubs or decide to just cheer on their uni teams by singing “Roar, Lion, Roar” at the top of their voices.


JFK & EWR Airport Transfers to Columbia University

The simplest way to take care of a larger student group’s transportation is to book our Columbia University coach bus rental. For excursions, museum and art gallery trips, additional courses, students need to get from their University campus to the venue. 

With our bus transfer company Reserve Bus, the logistics of organizing such events will become a piece of cake. Let us handle the transportation operations.

We also offer airport transfers. Nevermind if the students need to reach John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or Newark International Airport (EWR), our drivers will be ready to take them anywhere they need to be. 

Thanks to Columbia College Visiting Student Program and Columbia Undergraduate Exchange Programs, many students get the chance to experience other cultures. Reserving a bus for those students is a nice welcoming touch for foreign guests. 


Sports Teams Coach Bus Transfers

Columbia is proud of its Columbia Lions which count around 30 varsity teams. Many of Columbia’s athletes went on to professionally pursue sports careers with many of them making a name for themselves in their field. 

However, in order to become one of the best out there, showing off their talents against other universities is the first step towards possible sports stardom.

We can promise you a safe and convenient transportation solution for young athletes and entire sports teams. Book in advance one of our buses and our driver will be at the University grounds at the scheduled time. Our spacious buses offer comfort and enough space for all sports equipment, the whole team, trainers and additional staff. 

Our modern buses are equipped with DVD players and LCD screens which are among our clients’ favorite gadgets, especially during longer trips. 


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