One of the largest and greenest cities in the New Jersey area is Elizabeth, and if you are looking for the best transportation option for a large group to take you to or from this town, you should consider hiring our first-class charter bus rental service.

We offer safe and high-quality transportation provided by well-trained drivers that is available 24/7, every day a week including weekends and holidays. Traveling with us is always a breeze, even for big groups, because we carefully plan every ride. Whether you are a group of locals or tourists, you can be sure that our Elizabeth charter bus rental service will satisfy even the most demanding members of your troop. 

Booking our top-notch group transportation will ensure that your entire group arrives at the desired destination together and on time. There is no need to travel separately and spend a fortune on unreliable transportation options when you can enjoy a premium ride in one of our supreme coach buses. 


Corporate Elizabeth Charter Bus Rental

This city attracts business people and tourists from around the world. There are numerous international exhibitions, conferences, meetings and other corporate events happening during the entire year. Or Elizabeth charter bus rental service will take your team from one place to another swiftly and comfortably. 

Even if you are organizing transportation for a group of out-of-town associates, we can pick them up from the hotel, some of the local airports or the cities nearby, and you can relax knowing they will enjoy the VIP treatment. Rest assured our drivers will always use the shortest routes and deal with busy city streets easily in order to take your group to the desired business event right on time. 

Traveling in a big group doesn’t mean that you have to give up on luxury, because our coach buses include amenities like DVD players and WiFi, as well as comfortable seats, and a spotless interior. You will all enjoy a classy ride at affordable prices.


EWR Charter Bus Rental To and From Elizabeth

Imagine your large group wandering around busy terminals at EWR after a long, turbulent flight trying to find decent transportation. If you want to avoid this time-consuming, exhausting situation, we suggest you make your reservation as soon as your group picks the date and books plane tickets.

We offer the most convenient airport transfers for large groups and guarantee prompt and punctual service even if there is a delay. Our dedicated staff tracks all flights, and guarantees that your ride will be rescheduled if any changes in flight timetable pop up. You will all relax as soon as you enter one of our clean, modern buses with huge storage space, and extended legroom. 

We can take you straight to your destination, or we can make multiple stops along the way. Everything is up to you, and the members of your group. In case you are coming to Elizabeth for the first time, we can organize a city tour where you can see Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall, AMC Movie Theatre, First Presbyterian Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church or any other place you want to see.


Make Your Reservation Online

If you have already started packing your bags, and can’t wait to start your next journey, we suggest you fill out the online form on our website and make a reservation. We will work hard to ensure that you and your company get the best of Elizabeth and the surrounding area.

Save yourself the trouble and let us take care of the entire transportation logistics while you all have fun in this beautiful city.