Living in New York City is the dream of many Americans and people worldwide, so understandably students are highly competitive when it comes to enrollment in NYC universities. 

Most well-known among NYC universities are Columbia, Cornell, and New York University. Due to students’ activities which often involve traveling to other states, transportation poses the biggest challenge to the universities’ staff or people in charge of organizing this. 

However, with our NYC Universities coach bus rental, we are offering a solution to this problem. Booking and organizing a coach bus pick-up has never been easier. With just one call a reservation will be made. Our driver will be at the agreed time and place, whether it is at the university’s ground or campus. 

No matter if the students, professors, or university staff need to attend a seminar, a sports match, theatre play, competition or any other similar event, we are here at our clients’ service to take care of their transportation.

Our fleet is consisting only of quality coach buses which, besides being comfortable for long-distance drives, are equipped with the latest amenities, such as free WiFi, DVD players, and LCD screens. All our coach buses are regularly serviced and maintained.


Transfers from JFK and EWR to NYC Universities

If air transportation is involved, our ground transfer to the airport is the most convenient way of getting to the gate on time. 

Besides organizing transfers to and from the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Newark International Airport (EWR) or LaGuardia, another instance when airport transfer can be useful is for transferring foreign visitors. Guest professors or students from other universities are often attending various conferences and seminars. In addition to the official welcome, sending a driver with a transportation vehicle would be a thoughtful move.

In case a sightseeing tour is in store for foreign visitors, what better way to accomplish that than booking a charter bus tour. We only need to receive the planned out itinerary including the exact stops and our driver will follow the exact instructions which were submitted in advance.


Sports Teams Bus Transfers to and from NYC Universities

The most common reason for students’ traveling is attending sports matches. Getting to other universities or venues is the inseparable part of an athletes’ life. Traveling from one place to another can be stressful and tiring.

While we cannot help young athletes in their performances, our comfortable fleet can at least help them recharge their batteries and relax before or after a game. 

Some of the amenities included with each coach bus are free WiFi, LCD screens and DVD players which can help to take the mind off the upcoming match.

Students are more than welcome to bring their own music aboard so that they can celebrate their win on the bus or sing along to their favorite songs to boost the team spirit. 


Book Now Your NYC Universities Coach Bus Rental

Do not waste a minute longer and book your NYC Universities coach bus rental to or from one of the NYC universities. You can make your reservation by calling us at 201-907-0044.

If you are interested in getting a quote before the booking process, you can do that by clicking the button “Get a quote”. Fill out the form with the necessary details and once you are done, click “Send”. That way your completed form will be submitted. Once one of our customer support team representatives check your form, they will get in touch with you soon.

In case you have any additional questions, special requirements or concerns considering our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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