New York University is a private research educational institution that was founded in 1831. Albert Gallatin, who was a Secretary of Treasury at that time, wanted to found a place where anybody could seek education, only depending on their merit and not according to their social class. 

Today, NYU is proud of its alumni and faculty staff that counts in 37 Nobel Laureates, over 30 Academy Award winners and over 30 Pulitzer Prize recipients. A handful of famous people attended and got a degree from NYU, among which are famous directors such as Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, and actors including Alec Baldwin, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Mahershala Ali.

New York University has over 450 clubs and students’ organizations. NYU Violets, a collective name for all NYU sports teams, consists of 23 variety teams. Popular sports at NYU are basketball, fencing, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing. One fun fact about the NYU Violets is that their mascot is a bobcat. They chose this animal since the computerized catalog at the University’s Bobst library uses that abbreviation.

NYU is an important institution that cherishes its connections with professors, experts, students from all around the globe. Many guests attend NYU to participate in various conferences, seminars, projects. If you want them to travel comfortably as a group wherever they go, you can always book our NYU coach bus rental.


EWR and JFK Airport Transfers to and from NYU

Besides inviting esteemed guests, there are other ways in which this University furthers its relationships. NYU International Exchange Program is a great initiative for students to “exchange” their place with foreign students from all over the world. Studying for a semester in another country can enrich students’ life, they can meet new people and get in contact with different cultures.

Foreign students that are attending universities that do not have associations with the NYU cannot technically participate in the exchange programs. However, they can apply as visiting students and enroll in courses on a student’s visa.

For all these guests and returning students, organizing an airport transfer to the University’s grounds is a great way to show hospitality and warm welcome.

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Comfortable Sports Teams Coach Bus Transfers

When it comes to sports, transportation is playing a big part here as well. Getting from one game to another, participating in different tournaments, traveling around the country – all of that can be a great toll on the students.

Being on a road for quite some time can be draining, especially during the exam weeks. 

Our company Reserve Bus is striving to offer a comfortable solution for all University’s transportation needs. Besides the modern and top-class coach buses, we offer a range of amenities that are bound to make the trips more enjoyable for every NYU Violets team.


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