Princeton University boasts big numbers when it comes to sports. Princeton Tigers have a history of 150 years of college football. Including 113 Princetonians who participated in the Olympics, it is safe to say that Princeton students take their sports very seriously.

Living the life of an athlete usually means a lot of travel. Trying to reach the sports venues, which are organized in different cities and even states, sometimes causes additional stress to athletes. Especially when they are young people who are also attending universities or colleges. Apart from training and mental preparations for the upcoming matches, they also need to keep up with their curriculums and exams. 

One way to ease things a bit for the students would be an organized and comfortable ride to their matches. Of course, Ivy League students need to have top-notch transportation of the highest quality. That is why Reserve Bus offers a wide range of coaches that can be rented for the students’ transfer. Our service is affordable and professional.

Our Princeton University coach bus rental is modern and spacious, while our drivers are fully licensed and with many years of experience. Contact us today and book your student transportation in no time.


JFK & EWR to Princeton University Coach Bus Rental

Traveling from one match to another can often include boarding a plane. If you want to avoid traffic jams and potential missing flights, the best way to transport a group of students from Princeton University to Newark or JFK airport is by coach bus. 

After booking the flight tickets, make a reservation on the selected date and time. Our driver will collect the students on the University campus grounds and drive them safely towards the airport.

Also, once the students have returned from their sports event, booking the transfer back to the University campus can be arranged as well. Just call us a few days before the expected arrival so we can send our driver.

The same goes for students visiting from other universities who wish to arrive at Princeton. Booking transfer with us is the safest and fastest way of getting to Princeton University.

Reserve Bus is here at your service for all your students’ airport transfers.


College Sports Teams Transfer

Princeton athletes are also often traveling by bus to the other states for guest matches. A coach bus is often a more cost-efficient way of traveling than the airplane. In cases when it is possible to reach the destination in a timely manner, booking our Princeton University coach bus rental is a far better solution.

With our luxurious coach buses, their transportation will be comfortable and relaxing. Our coaches are equipped with LCD screens and DVD players which can make even long trips more enjoyable and fun.

There is enough space for everybody, including trainers and additional staff. Storage space is also large enough for all the sports equipment and students’ bags and other luggage.

Book your coach bus for your students’ sports team in advance and let them focus on more important aspects for preparing for their journey and upcoming match.


Book Your NJ Coach Bus to Princeton On Time

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