Rutgers University was established back in 1766 and it holds the title of the eighth oldest higher education institution in the US. Today it is a renowned public research university that is listed among the top 100 universities in the whole world. 

A little over 70,000 students each year spend their academic years on one of Rutgers’ three campuses: New Brunswick, Newark, Camden.

First named Queen’s College, it was renamed into Rutgers College in 1825 honoring Colonel Henry Rutgers, a Revolutionary War hero.

University counts over 700 student organizations and groups. Back when it was still named Queen’s College, the first college newspaper in the US was started here. 

Rutgers has three divisions of its varsity teams, each for every campus. Therefore, there are Rutgers Scarlet Knights (New Brunswick), Scarlet Raiders (Newark), Scarlet Raptors (Camden).

This Univesity was also a host for a first intercollegiate football game, thus the title “birthplace of college football”.

Two Rutgers’ alumni who went on to win Nobel prizes are Milton Friedman for economics and Selman A. Waksman for medicine. However, the most well-known alumnus is definitely James Gandolfini, late star of The Sopranos, who received his Bachelor of Arts at Rutgers.


JFK & EWR Airport Bus Transfer to and from Rutgers University

For occasions like guest matches and competitions in different states, the best way students can reach those venues is by plane. Undertaking such trips around the country can be stressful since they involve a lot of planning and logistics.

However, arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or Newark International Airport (EWR) does not need to be troublesome to navigate. We offer transportation from University or campus grounds straight to the airport in question and vice versa.

Rutgers has programs and courses for visiting students from other universities in the US, but also from all over the world. In case there is a whole group of students arriving, a nice sign of welcome would be to book Rutgers University coach bus rental for them from the airport to the campus.

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Comfortable Bus Coach Transfers of Sports Teams

Many games and matches are regularly played on other universities. Besides celebrating the sports spirit and developing a competitive streak in young athletes, such games are fun and exciting to watch.

However, traveling from place to place can become exhausting. With constant carrying of the luggage and sports equipment, traveling can take its toll. The surefire way to make journeys a bit more comfortable is to travel in a good vehicle. 

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